Thursday, February 13, 2014

Prepare for Summer and Life

It has occurred to me that prisoners are some of the best students of getting in great physical shape. I'm one of them. In addition to being a former U.S. Marine, in prison I've studied NFPT Professional Training, NFPT Endurance and NFPT Nutrition manuals. As I look around the prison dorm there are guys studying exercise books, and reading magazines like Mens Health and Mens Fitness; others are reading Navy Seal workout book and the financially capable are counting every calorie of their meals. Most prisoners are fit or picking up the fitness bug.

In this blog I wan tot help you get prepared for summer by getting fit and into better health. With a busy schedule, juggling all your affairs of work, school, kids, relationships and more, how do you get into shape?

There are four keys to general fitness: diet, exercise, rest and flexibility.

You need all four of these to be in good shape. Here at MDC Brooklyn I workout alone or at times with a partner for no more than 45-minutes. Cadre prisoners don't have access to weights but we do have a pull-up bar and mats. We also have an elliptical machine but I don't use it. Here is my plan with the available tools to include a jump rope and plastic aerobic step. I pray this is approved.

Food limitations in prison are many, so I encourage you to follow this simple non-prison plan. Find out how many daily calories your body needs by using the "Harris Benedict" formula (search here). Break your food into a five-meal per day schedule by eating small meals at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, and 8pm . This speeds your metabolism. After 4pm, I suggest no heavy carbohydrate foods because your body stores any food you don't use through activity. Stored food is fat (adipose tissue).

A key to remember is your body need and wants food (calories). Eskimos are some of the leanest people on earth and they ingest a mostly fast based diet. This diet consisting of whale blubber would be what most people believe is unhealthy. Under normal conditions this would be bad for you but your body uses any and all food ingested to get its needed calories.

Eat more calories than your body needs and you gain weight, while eating less calories than your body requires will allow you to lose weight. The complexity of our bodies gives us a very smart machine which uses food proportionately. Eskimos who have only fat to eat will be lean because of how their body uses the calories (3500 calories = 1 pound).

Getting in shape requires you to pay attention to what you eat, even if you exercise three-hours a day. Use the Harris Benedict formula to figure out what your body needs. I bet it's not 2000 calories.

In all practicality a "diet system" can be considered "everything you put into your body." These are my studious suggestions.

Keys to "my daily diet" are:
1. Drink one-gallon of water daily (32oz every 3 hours).
2. No smoking and very little alcohol (if any).
3. No trans fat food.
4. Bran at least twice a day.
5. Vitamins daily (multi-Vitamins, Vitamin E&D, Vitamin B and     Vitamin C).
6. Eat green vegetables (Kale, Collard Greens, Broccoli, etc.)
7. Minimal salt usage
8. No junk food (sugar based, primary ingredient)
9. Eat fruit daily
10. Bathe daily.

To be continued ...

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  1. Enjoy reading your blog. Hope to see you when you are out.

    Love, Arie